The Cotswold brand was born in the 1974. The brand is inspired byr one of England’s largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, The Cotswolds, where numerous golf courses are dotted around the landscape.  It’s no wonder that the Cotswold brand started off as a range of stylish, comfortable golf shoes.

The 90’s brought in an element of fun into the style with uppers showing a mix of suede and leather, all treated to repel water.  This was an era of sharp, distinguished, sleek yet simple looks for footwear.  Bold monochrome styles gave authority yet still embellished the softness of a smart, country brogue.  It was not long before a lifestyle range of Cotswold shoes was born.

With its wide landscapes and open fields, the southwest has always been the place to go for live music and festivals, and if you’ve ever been to one, you will know that wellingtons are an essential accessory to pack.  In 2005, Glastonbury Festival famously had six hours of uninterrupted rain and spectacular thunderstorms!  Cotswold came to the rescue of muddy festival goers arriving at the site in Pilton, Somerset with 1,000’s of wellington boots.  Since that time, the Cotswold wellington has been a fun favourite festival welly for the whole family.

With its famously vast landscapes filled with beautiful rolling hills and hidden trails for the whole family plus pet dog to explore and discover, there became a clear opportunity for the Cotswold brand to develop its own range of waterproof hiking and walking boots and shoes.  The brand now hosts a varied range of hill and trail hikers as well as classic leather walking shoes ideal for casual hiking or dog walking through to longer distances and backpacking. We also rebranded the Cotswold shoes logo to fit with our updated style.

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