Welders Apron Glove and Sleeve Pack

Welders Apron Glove and Sleeve Pack

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Welders Leather Apron

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LRI-9005 TIG Welding Glove

Leather Welding Sleeves - Pair



A high quality protective PPE pack for welders and hotwork personnel comprising leather gauntlets, leather sleeves and leather apron. The ArmaDEX glove offers all the protection required of the work envirionment whilst maximising hand and finger dexterity to grip, feel and hold. The glove is unlined for maximum dexterity. The goatskin leather palm and fingers feel very soft and comfortable on the hand whilst withstanding contact heat up to 100°C. The gauntlet part of the glove offers the wrist and lower arm further protection from hot sparks and slag.

The welding apron is made from premium quality thick split cowhide leather and kevlar stitched. The apron protects the torso and upper legs from burns from hot splashes and is suitable for a multitude of applications where hotwork is involved. The adjustable straps and a quick release buckle ensures that the apron is secure and fits all size

The welding sleeves are made of premium quality cowhide. Designed to protect the forearm and elbow in from splashes and sparks in hot working environments. The elasticated cuffs ensure maximum protection and a secure fit for welders and other hot-work personnel.

Applications: Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Hotwork, Grinding, Glassblowing, Carpentry, Blacksmith, Artisan work


  • Withstand contact heat up to 100°C Total
  •  Length 34cm (Size L)
  • Reinforced index finger
  • KEVLAR® thread in the seams which resists 427° C short-term heat exposure (max operating limit) and 204° C longer-term heat exposure (constant operating limit)
  • Flame retardant, withstands welding sparks and grinding splash Significantly reduces risk of: burn injuries, abrasion injuries, blisters, grazes, cuts & lacerations


  • 88 cm Long 58 cm Wide Handy 20cm x 16 cm
  • Chest Pocket for tools
  • Adjustable neck and waist straps to suit all sizes
  • Quick release buckles
  • Thick cowhide leather to protect the torso and upper legs from hot splashes


  • Sold as a pair
  • Elasticated cuffs for a comfortable secure fit
  • Kevlar Stitched
  • Offer protection against small droplets of molten-metal splash
  • Suitable for use during welding
  • Length: 40cm (16in) 2 Sizes Options available M or L (M suitable for lower bicep circumference measurement up to 32cm) 
  • Genuine ArmaDEXTM Branded product


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