Hi Viz Armbands

Hi Viz Armbands

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Relective Arm Band

Our reflective “slap-wrap” armbands are an ingenious way to get noticed – an effective way to enhance your own and your childs safety. The 12.5 x 50 cm reflective slap wrap armband normally lies flat like a ruler, but it can be wrapped around any size arm or leg and secured with the velcro fastening strips on each side. The reflective armband can be slap-wrapped around wrists, ankles, bags etc. The reflective slap-wrap armbands are ideal for situations where temporary high visibility is needed, such as bicycling, horse-riding, jogging, and walking to school. Cyclists can improve their visibility by using a pair of reflective armbands as reflective ‘trouser-clips’ – the reflective bands move up and down, improving the chances of cyclists being seen. A reflective armband on each arm improves visibility further, especially when indicating turns.

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