Safety Knives

Safety Knives

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A unique “moving edge” safety knife that cuts without damaging the contents of any package. Stainless steel blade is fully enclosed in a “finger safe” gap making it safe even if carried in the pocket. Complies with workplace Health and Safety regulations and can reduce cutting accidents significantly.

Why moving edge? The patented Moving Edge mechanism allows the blade to move in a slicing action while the Safety Knife cuts. This action reduces snagging during the cut and requires significantly less force than a fixed blade cutter. An additional benefit is the area of contact between the material cut and the blade edge is extended which in turn reduces blade wear.


  • Superior durability and sharpness
  • Avoid unintended cuts
  • Quickly & safely cuts strapping, tape, cardboard, wrapping & card with ease
  • Complies with workplace Health and Safety regulations
  • 2 Colour options: Red or Yellow
  • Multi-Save buying options


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